The Challenge

THE BIBLE OUTLOUD challenges you to join with us as we work to collectively memorize the *entire* Bible, cover-to-cover. Submit a video, and ask a friend to do the same.

The Story

Inspired by athletes who love Jesus at the University of South Carolina, THE BIBLEOUTLOUD.com is a site built purely as a ministry resource and a unique community outreach to challenge anyone and everyone to reacquaint themselves with the power of the Bible.

Our challenge is to initially use the platform of athletics to engage as many people as possible and challenge them to read, memorize and recite their favorite verse (or any verse) of the Bible and then upload it to the site. Then as the concept grows it will become more about how much it helps us as a culture to memorize God’s word, than about our site and completing a fun challenge. Our goal is simply to see the entire Bible uploaded onto the site so that it can be used by anyone and played as a powerful testimony to show that the Body of Christ, along with the Word of God, is living, active and powerful.


To challenge people of all denominations, races, backgrounds, and demographics to read and memorize the inspired word of God we call the Bible and allow it to impact our culture in a way only the Word of God can.


To see the entire Bible memorized, recited, recorded and uploaded to THEBIBLEOUTLOUD.com and as a result create a virtual encouragement resource to all people so that we realize the power of God’s word.


Through using the technology of You Tube and today’s smart phones the videos can be done with any device, however they must follow the entire set of requirements listed on the “FAQ” portion of the site.

We need your help!

This project depends on hundreds of people getting together to memorize Scripture. It only takes a few minutes to upload a video with a few verses. We are challenging everyone to pick up the bible and memorize a passage.

  1. Find verses that are available.
  2. Record a video on YouTube. (how?)
  3. Submit your recording.
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