1. TheBibleOutloud project will be a complete recitation of the New International Version of the Bible.  This means that all verses memorized, recorded and then submitted must be “word-for-word”  as we read it in the NIV.
  2. The video should contain only the verse you are reciting in its entirety.  Exactly where the verse is found in the Bible as well as your name should be included in the submission form but NOT on the video itself.
  3. You can only do ONE VIDEO per person and each person can recite up to FIVE verses consecutively.  However, if you are reciting your verses with a group (youth group or church), you can recite five times as many verses as people shown in the video if you would so choose.  For example, a youth group of 20 people could recite up to 100 verses together if they wanted.
  4. Verses will be posted to the site on a first come first serve basis with a complete disregard to the status or societal position of any participants.  You will know your verse was chosen when you see it posted (within a week of your submittal).
  5. The Book of Mark will be done in its entirety (although some debate the last few verses), and no additional books (Mormon, Catholic or other devotionals) will be posted. We only use the books included in the NIV version of the Bible.
  6. The videos should be done respectfully and be in complete compliance with the fact that the Bible is God’s inspired word, and although they can be creatively recited, they should keep the significance of the Bible and its purpose in mind at all times.
  7. All videos should be shot in the highest quality available to the participants.  As we loop all of the videos together it will help a great deal if high quality videos are shot throughout the project.
  8. If at all possible we would love for you to shoot your film at a place that reflects the MOST about who you are.  A tennis court, a courtroom, a football stadium are just a few which I am quite sure we will see.  However, If these places are too hard to get to then just do your best.

We need your help!

This project depends on hundreds of people getting together to memorize Scripture. It only takes a few minutes to upload a video with a few verses. We are challenging everyone to pick up the bible and memorize a passage.

  1. Find verses that are available.
  2. Record a video on YouTube. (how?)
  3. Submit your recording.
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